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What is Therapy on the Go?

In a dizzying world of takeout food, drive-through & 24/7 sound bites, what if you had your own on-call therapist to help you solve life’s messy problems while you’re on the go.

Real World problems, handled in Real Time, with a Real Therapist who will quickly help you get to the heart of the matter.

The truth is, many of the curve balls life throws us don’t require long term therapy. Sometimes all you need is a sounding board, someone who can guide you to answers that make sense, affirm our wisdom, and nudge us towards a happier, more peaceful place. As your therapist on the go I am a calm voice, offering sage advice and clear pathways to choose what is right for you.

It’s as simple as scheduling a time that works for you, sitting back, and having a conversation that leaves you lighter, brighter, & free to be on your way.

Therapy On The Go FAQs

How is Therapy On The Go different from traditional therapy?

Therapy on the go differs from traditional therapy in that it provides you with more immediate relief from wherever you are: the comfort of home, at the office, airport, or in your car. I offer a session within days versus a week or more, in which I COACH you through a problem or challenge be it long simmering or newly arisen. Therapy on the Go is a responsive dialogue between us that offers you calm, sage advice, steps to take, and a sounding board from which to consider solutions best for you. With Therapy on the Go there is no driving to weekly appointments – you may need only one – no completing forms, being diagnosed, or filing insurance claims. The focus is on the present versus the past, on achieving goals through positive, healthy behaviors, and staying grounded in your strengths and wisdom, rather than what past limitations and deficits led you to believe was your destiny.

Am I actually speaking to a licensed therapist?

Yes! I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of Illinois. What I offer you is my professional experience of over 25 years helping people manage and resolve life’s messy, painful issues. It is a session in which I guide, coach, and enlighten so you can move through issues with greater ease and integrity.

Can I schedule ongoing sessions if I feel a need for more than just one?

Of course you can. The beauty of Therapy On The Go is that it is available for you wherever and whenever you need it and for as long as you choose. You are bound by nothing other than your wants and needs. I am here to best serve you in the way it makes most sense to you.

While I am a licensed therapist offering you benefit of my 25 years as a practicing clinician, Therapy on the Go is not traditional therapy. It is COACHING designed for those who feel relatively healthy versus one struggling with deeper psychological issues. It is for those wanting to resolve challenges holding them back, improve relationships, expand self-awareness and understanding, and live with more ease, grace and integrity.