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Do I Really Need a Health Coach?

“Absolutely,” says Dr. Frank Lipman, a renowned Functional & Integrative MD in New York City leading the way in health care that focuses on feeling good, living well, and being top of your game at every age.

Like having a personal trainer at the gym, or a business mentor that coaches you, a Health Coach is your go to wellness pro. Together we create a plan tailored to your needs and identify stressors that are impeding your best health.
Addressing your emotional health is essential to achieving your best physical health. Because our biology creates our psychology, your individualized health plan will focus on optimizing both.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 85% of all disease has an emotional component. Stress and anxiety are two primary reasons health problems develop, ranging from poor sleep to depression to digestive issues.

As a psychotherapist I am skilled in helping you to lessen and cope more effectively with issues such as depression, anxiety, and digestive problems that are best treated with both Body & Mind practices.

Your journey will be an awesome ride with your own health advisor in tow. My job is to help you cross the finish line:

  • Weight loss that lasts
  • minimize STRESS
  • Living Gluten Free
  • Transitioning to a new diet (by choice or medical necessity)
  • Pain reduction
  • Acceptance & Management of diagnosed conditions

Be happier, healthier, play more, laugh harder, live well!